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About the project

Kits4Kids International School Madagascar is an English speaking school in the capital city of the beautiful island of Madagascar. While it is privately-owned and funded by a Malagasy citizen, the school is affiliated with Kits4Kids Foundation in Singapore. As a modern school, they wanted a functional website designed to provide parents with seamless access to essential information about the school, enrollment and also serve as a hub for students to effortlessly access assignments, submit homework, and engage in interactive learning experiences.

Goals & Challenges

The primary goals for this project was to develop a user-friendly platform that provides essential school information, simplifies the enrollment process for parents, and keeps parents informed about school events and other extra curricular activities. Additionally, amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an urgent need to facilitate remote learning to ensure uninterrupted education for the students hence the requirement to create an interactive space for students to access assignments, submit their work, and engage with their peers from the safety of their homes.

The challenges faced by this project are multifaceted. Firstly, a significant hurdle is to accommode parents unfamiliar with online processes, considering that most schools in Madagascar do not offer services online. The platform has to be designed intuitively, taking into account the digital unfamiliarity of some parents, ensuring a smooth enrollment process despite their limited online experience.

Secondly, due to the limited and expensive internet access in Madagascar, the transition to online learning model is not as traightforward as it can be in more developed countries.

Colour Palette & Typefaces

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Colour palette for Kits4Kids' website, web design, UI/UX design, color palette.
Fonts for Kits4Kids' website, web design, UI/UX design.


The successful implementation of the user-friendly platform has resulted in a seamless and efficient enrollment process for parents, providing them with quick access to vital school information and keeping them well-informed about school events and activities. Simultaneously, and despite the obstacles, the project succeeded in creating an inclusive, accessible, and engaging online learning environment, bridging the digital divide and enabling education to thrive even in the face of the limited resources and connectivity challenges.

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