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About the project

EQ for Kidz was created by Susanna Nicol, a child EQ specialist and coach, on the belief that nurturing emotional intelligence in early childhood is essential. This website serves as a platform for Susanna to provide expert guidance and showcase her services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of a family.

Goals & Challenges

The goal of this project was to transform the website into an efficient platform for parents. It offers intuitive navigation, showcases services, provides valuable free resources, and allows parents to sign up for additional guidance directly from the coach.

The main challenge stemmed from the limitations of the old website's theme and architecture. The outdated setup restricted customization, making it difficult to showcase the services as desired. Those limitations caused the initial content to lack structure and detail, creating an obstacle to efficient communication.

Addressing limitations from the old website's theme, the focus was on implementing a flexible design. By optimizing content presentation, the content structure was transformed into a concise and engaging format. This approach enhances the user experience, ensuring information is clear and accessible without overwhelming visitors. Through these solutions, the revamped website offers an efficient, user-friendly experience for parents, enabling seamless access to valuable resources and expert guidance.

Colour Palette & Typefaces

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Colour palette for EQ for kidz' website, web design, UI/UX design, color palette.
Fonts for EQ for kidz' website, web design, UI/UX design.


The revamped EQ for Kidz website now stands as a vibrant and informative platform, effectively supporting parents in their journey to nurture emotional intelligence for their children. They can easily access services, explore resources, gain valuable insights, and subscribe to receive extra resources directly from Susanna. This comprehensive user experience empowers parents to create a nurturing environment for their children's emotional growth, laying a foundation for lifelong emotional well-being and success.

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