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My background

I'm a UI/UX Designer from Madagascar and currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Games and Multimedia Technologies from the University of Greenwich. After another few years of studying, including an MBA and a Master in Software Engineering, I studied as a Web Development Professional at WebCoursesBangkok (WCB) in order to complement the design skills I acquired during my Bachelor Degree.

My approach

I'm passionate about clean, elegant and minimalistic design. My focus is to deliver a pixel perfect product for you. In order to do so, I take a methodical approach to work on your project. This includes getting to know you, your objectives and your audience, before moving to the design part of the job. Together we then decide on what is important and what is needed on each page. Once the brainstorming phase is done, I then start to sketch and design mockups of the website. Once you have given your approval, we then move on to develop the website.