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A tailored web experience

At  studio72, the goal is not about just creating a website, it is to design a piece of digital art that reflects your brand, values, objectives, and help your business reach new heights.

What do I offer?

UI Design
Design matters! I will use timeless design principles to make your website feels great while making sure it looks fresh and trendy.
UX Design
Every project is unique and is based on user research to make sure your website is fine-tuned to deliver optimal user experience.
Responsive Web Development
A mobile first approach ensures that your website works on all types of devices. This way you can reach your audience across all platforms.
SEO Optimization
Traffic is the best way to acquire new costumers. Your website will be configured and optimized to show up on all search engines.
Branding & Graphic Design
Make a great first impression! A custom and distinct logo makes it easy for your audience to recognize your brand.
Care Plans
Maintaining a website takes time. I offer different care plans to help you with updating, posting content or troubleshooting.


- What platform do you build the websites on?
Websites are built on WordPress to allow for greater flexibility in creating a bespoke design. On top of WordPress, I use either Oxygen Builder or Divi depending on your specific needs.
- Where can I host the website?
You can host your site with any provider you like, or I can suggest the best option for your specific use case. Additionally I can offer premium hosting at a yearly fee which makes site maintenance even easier for you and for myself.
- Who takes care of the site after it is built?
Once the website is built, you will have complete control of it, especially if you have your own hosting. However, as mentioned above, I do offer care plans which can save you from the hassle of updating, adding content and troubleshooting if issues arise.